Sat. Dec 14th, 2019


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UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please vote thumbs-up for UFOTV®). 100-MINUTES – FEATURED IN THIS PROGRAM: Environmentalist, Energy Science Entrepreneur and UFOlogist David Sereda presents amazing video evidence of NASA – ET Encounters and the details of a new science that can help to explain how “faster-than-light” space travel is possible, and how UFOs of ET origin control gravity and fly their Spacecraft. As an Environmentalist, David is committed to leading the charge for the use of Deuterium and Helium-3 as a clean alternative fuel source for Atomic Reactors for generating electricity as well as applications for interstellar space travel. Discover why the United States Government, the Military, and United States Industrial Complex are against the development of Helium-3 nuclear reactors for the production of Atomic Power and get the facts about a connection between the development of future Energy technologies and the back-engineering of ET technology. Included in this program are the details of a new model in physics that may hold the key to solving our global energy problems, “fast-than-light – interstellar space travel” as well as insights into Secret ET Spacecraft technology. Fascinating viewing for all ages. An inspiring program for thinkers and dreamers alike.

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